Online dating is all the rage in Minnesota. You could be pretty, dark, and tall but there’s no need to include all of that in your online dating bio. Try to be true to yourself and not sound like just another dating cliche. Even if you do, you don t’ have others write the whole thing for you. You can always request opinions from your female friends when you’re done writing it for yourself, but don’t have them write the whole thing for you either.

Here are a few online dating profiles that you might want to check out. There is one that says something along these lines:” Greg is an accountant that lives in Minneapolis. He is well-organized and doesn’t have any problems with deadlines. He has two great teenage daughters that love to hang out with him. He is open and friendly.”

What you have to take from this example are two important points. One is the use of pronouns (it is a male online dating profile) and the second point is the use of the word “dated” in the bio (Greg is an accountant). In the first paragraph, the wording sounds almost generic and it could very well apply to any individual. It sounds like he’s setting himself up for a job and that he talks like that because he has to be with so many people.

A little tweak in this wording could make this read more like a personal ad. ” Greg is a detail-oriented person that loves his work. He is open and friendly but does have good organizational skills. He loves his family and has two great teenage girls that love to hang out with him. If you meet his requirements, you could have a long-term and successful relationship with this guy.”

There are online dating profiles that sound almost too good to be true. For example, one bio mentions, “This gorgeous Asian beauty has blue eyes that are like crystal. She has perfect white skin and an exotic accent. This is a big strong woman who is beautiful and is loving to spend time with someone special.”

These types of bios will be given out at a dating site and if they are written well, they will give potential matches reason to continue reading. Don’t be afraid to give potential matches a little information about yourself so that they have something to read that is detailed and descriptive. Dating sites want their customers to read as much as possible so they will provide useful and interesting bios. Try to strike a balance between the personal and business side of things.