Dating in your thirties is not the same as when you were a teenager or in your twenties. It’s very different, but it’s possible to meet the person of your desire. In this phase, you’re currently in a whole adulting period, and you’ve said bye to your carefree 20s old self. You’re more certain of yourself, you know what you want, you’re comfortable in your skin, and you have a settled routine.

Gone are the days where you go to a crowded bar, sip chardonnay and wait for prince charming or princess to walk up to you. Or you rely on friends and relatives to set you up with someone they like. Now, it’s very easy to set-up dates on your phone, fully relaxed on your bed, with anyone you want. Even though it’s easy to get a date, there are still some challenges that might occur.

With a vast number of Dating apps, it’s exhausting to navigate—you might be looking for one date in three different apps. Imagine the struggle and effort put into creating profiles and swiping left, right and center before getting a date—it’s a struggle.

But I’m sharing a few helpful tips on how you can make online dating exciting and worthwhile.

1. Be open-minded:

Sometimes, the older people get, the more private they become. They don’t want to let anything out of their shells—one reason why dating flourishes is open-mindedness. Therefore you need to be open-minded first. You also need to remember that age is just a number. Maybe he is a little older or younger than expected—you can’t only predict that the person might steal your heart.

Open-mindedness gives a good chance of meeting your right person. The truth is, Love isn’t science, and you never expect who impresses you.

2. Communicate well:

Being open and honest in any situation is an excellent way to keep your dating life alive and blooming. You need to communicate with your partner, so you’ll know if they’re the right fit for you.

Dating in your 30s can be very different because you don’t want anyone to waste your time. Communication is a key to happy relationships. Using this approach, your connection will have a healthy foundation.

3. Heal:

Dating in your thirties means you must have had a share of some relationships hurts. If you can afford it, go for therapy. You need to overcome persistent trauma—because if you don’t heal, you’ll be jumping up and down the relationship hill.

You need to understand and be ready to accept your experiences. Any emotional baggage that hasn’t been released can be ejected onto your next partner—ruining your chances of getting a successful relationship.

These are the few things you need to consider before you start dating in your thirties. Likely, it might not be easy dating after the 20s. However, keeping certain things in mind and being open-minded will give a whole new possibility to dating life in the thirties.